Warning signs posted after over a dozen sharks spotted near Pismo Beach

Many beachgoers were unphased

Warning signs posted after over a dozen sharks spotted near Pismo Beach

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Seeing one or two sharks off the Pismo Beach coast is not uncommon, but 13 sharks? That's a different story.

A pilot spotted and took photos of what he believed were 13 sharks swimming near Pismo Beach.  Warning signs have now been posted up along beaches from Pismo to Oceano.

"The protocol is to post for 72 hours and that's what the officer that took the report did. He posted one of the shark signs and we posted at our stations and other locations where the public access the beach," explained California State Parks Peace Officer Michael Cueto. 

For some at the beach, sharks are part of life here on the Central Coast. 

"It's just something that you're used to being a Californian and honestly I don't think people go nearly far enough out to even encounter these guys," said beachgoer Danika Golik. 

"I think if I saw it, it would make me nervous but being on my own if I - I just found out about it right no I wasn't nervous at all," said beachgoer David Torres.

All this shark talk is not stopping some people from coming to the beach.

"We're just gonna stay right here. We wanted to enjoy our time and the beach and we're gonna enjoy it," said Itamar Gomez.  

"It's finals - we're all students and we're trying to do a stress-free environment and this is the perfect way to do it," said Cheyenne Smith. 

Many are prepared to call for help if they see one. 

"The best thing you can do and the best way to report it is to call 911 which goes to dispatch centers and that would go eventually the agency that's responsible for that area," Cueto said. 

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