Family of Cal Poly student killed at dangerous intersection speak out at public meeting

Grant family seeks safety changes El Campo and Hwy 101

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - The family of an 18-year-old Cal Poly student who was killed at the intersection of El Campo Road and Highway 101 in Arroyo Grande attended a public outreach meeting that was held at Arroyo Grande Hospital Annex.

The intersection is a known dangerous intersection nicknamed “El Campo death trap”. 

James and Becky Grant lost their son Jordon in a tragic crash at the intersections and vow to keep advocating until a change is made.

“At any point, we can be looking at each other going, 'another Cal Poly student has been killed and we knew this was wrong,'” said James Grant. 

The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments hosted Wednesday's meeting and emotions were high as residents discussed what can be done to make this intersection safe.

A study of the safety impediment was presented by a consulting firm at the meeting. 

Susan Smith, one of the many people injured at the dangerous intersection, attended to hear them tell her about the danger she knows first hand. 

“I had a spinal fracture and I have a brain injury that is probably not getting better,” said Smith. "And I really need you guys to close this because right after that Jordan was killed.

The Grants say that the intersection has not been fixed because of special interest from nearby landowners.

“There are some major landowners that want to in the future develop some land across the street. They want an overpass, they believe if it is closed they will never get an overpass,” said Grant. 

Caltrans has the authority to fix the intersection but it's been years of inactions. 

“I think we are on a path to finding a solution at El Campo, but before we move forward, with that we want to carefully study what's before us and what those changes will look like,” said Cal Trans District 5 Public Affairs Officer Jim Shivers.

Caltrans says they are also holding off from fixing the intersection to get public comments before making any changes. 

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