Active shooter drill to be held at Arroyo Grande High School

PG&E also to hold training drills

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - The Arroyo Grande Police Department will be hosting an active shooter training exercise at Arroyo Grande High School on Tuesday and Saturday.

The training will be held between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. both days.

People who live in the area can expect to see a large law enforcement presence at the school. Loud explosions or the sounds of simulated gunfire may also be heard throughout the day. Several areas of the campus will be blocked off with tape and "Police Training" signs, Arroyo Grande police said.

A safety officer will be at the site of the training and will be wearing a red training shirt. Participating officers will be in uniform. 

In addition to the active shooter training, Pacific Gas & Electric will be holding their own a Public Safety Power Shutoff training drill on Tuesday. There will be a helicopter flying overhead in the Arroyo Grande area.

The drill is part of a PG&E initiative to be more prepared in case of wildfires. In an actual Public Safety Power Shutoff, the utility will cut power to some power lines that are at risk of falling to the ground in bad weather. To re-energize those lines, crews would have to inspect every part of the lines from the sky and ground. Tuesday's drill will test practice those inspections to improve the time to get a line up and running again.

Residents in the Five Cities area and Arroyo Grande should be aware of both drills and not consider them emergencies. 

Anyone interested in more information about either drills should contact the Arroyo Grande Police Department at 805-473-5100.

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