Half-staff controversy: Santa Maria VFW Commander weighs in

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The raising and lowering of the flag for Senator John McCain's death may be seen as a symbolic tug-of-war, as President Trump faces mounting backlash for how he handled it.

As national veterans organizations speak out, a Santa Maria group is also weighing in. 

Flags are flying at half-staff at VFW Post 2521.

"For the length of time that the President determines that's cool as far as I'm concerned," said Carl Holmquist, Commander, VFW Post 2521, Santa Maria. 

The Commander of the Santa Maria veterans organization is distancing himself from other veterans groups and their outspoken criticism of the Trump Administration in the wake of Senator McCain's death.

"I'm too far from Washington to get involved in that.  I have no knowledge of the facts, we do our own thing here," said Holmquist. 

For Holmquist, there is no controversy.  "The only opinion I have is ok I'm glad to see it's back down to half-staff because Senator McCain was a true hero of this country," he said. 

While one of the country's largest veterans organizations said they were disappointed in the lack of traditional and appropriate respect in the White House, all that matters to Holmquist is that things ended up, as he says, correct.

"I do know that the President was having some problems and has had problems with Senator McCain stands on various issues and I don't necessarily agree with the stand that he took but he's our Commander in Chief and therefore we will support him," said Holmquist. 

President Trump did end up releasing a proclamation late Monday following McCain's death on Saturday. 

Trump ordered US flags to fly at half-staff until John McCain's internment.


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