Another 10 Dems on tap: Santa Barbara group hosts brewery debate watch party

Another 10 Dems on tap Santa Barbara...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If the Democratic debates were a music festival some may consider Thursday the headlining act. 

As subtly tensions brewed on screen, a Santa Barbara group that formed after President Donald Trump was elected held a viewing party at Third Window Brewing.

Simply put, Keith Carlson says the biggest challenge facing Democrats as they look to 2020, is winning. 

Another night, another debate. This time, with four of the five candidates leading early in the polls.

For some tuning in, it’s all about finding the candidate that will defeat Donald Trump

“We had an election here in town where there were so many candidates that were on the progressive side that they undermined each other. We can’t have that, that puts us back,” Mitchell Kriegman of Santa Barbara.

As Kriegman tries to zero in on who can make a name for themselves and “deal with Trump in the next step," he’s focused on the humanitarian crisis at the border.

“The treatment of immigrants is beyond the pale of anything that I ever grew up with thinking Americans could ever do,” said Kriegman. 

Officials with Indivisible Santa Barbara are also paying close attention to where the candidates stand on healthcare and climate.

“Kamala [Harris] has done a great job tonight. Last night I think Cory Booker did a really good job. [Julián] Castro did a really good job and you know Bernie [Sanders] and [Joe] Biden are doing great too,” said Carlson, Indivisible Co-Chair. 

Another takeaway, creating a sense of community where people can come together.

“We want people to really get themselves informed. We want them to see how much great activity there is and how many great ideas there are on the Democratic side,” said Kriegman

A Spokesperson with the Santa Barbara County Republican Party says the "Democratic candidates for president are on a high-speed train to the left with no brakes and they are leaving the middle class in the rear-view mirror. They will make big government even bigger and will ruin our economy with their socialist policies."

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