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Orcutt teen on a roll in the sport of freestyle scootering

Bryce Baker already competing as a professional

Orcutt teen on a roll in the sport of freestyle scootering

ORCUTT, Calif. - Bryce Baker is a on a roll.

The 14-year-old Orcutt native spends much of his time on two wheels, competing in the non-traditional sport of scootering.

"Scooter riding is an action sport, similar to (BMX) biking and skating,” said Baker. “It uses a lot of the bike tricks, like bar spins and tailwhips, those type of tricks, but put in a skate park."

There are few, if any, scooter riders as proficient as Baker on the Central Coast.

"I have a couple of friends who are up on my level, but I would say at my level, I'm near the top," Baker said. "Maybe at the top."

That's no exaggeration. 

The Righetti High School freshman regularly hones his skills at the Atown Park in Atascadero.

It only takes a few moments of watching Baker performing stunts in the 8,000 square foot facility to understand how he is already a professional rider in the sport.

"People are for sure really excited when they see you do something hard,” Baker said. "In a comp run, people do back flips, front flips. You can put spins in them. There's so many tricks to do on a scooter."

Many people have likely never heard of scootering as a sport, leading to misconceptions or underestimating its difficulty.

"Scooter is a super real sport. It gets really competitive,” said Baker. "People often take it as a joke when they first see it and then they see what you do and they totally disregard that and they give you a lot of respect.”

Baker said he's been riding a scooter for more than five years.

As he's become more talented, he's quickly emerged as one of the top young riders in the country.

Already, he's competed in events all across the United States, as well as Canada.

So far, Baker has earned 11 top-three podium finishes, including one professional first-place victory.

For his efforts, he's picked up a handful of sponsorships, which has elevated him to professional status.

Recently, Baker earned a top 10 finish as a competition in Canada.

His performance allowed him to compete in a national qualifier for the upcoming World Skate-ISA Scooter World Championship in Barcelona, Spain.

"Going to Spain has basically been my goal since I started scootering,” Baker said. “I don't know if it's going to happen this year, but hopefully, I'm going to keep working at it because that's my overall goal."

Baker said he is proud to represent his hometown of Orcutt where ever he competes.

He added he's already thinking about a career as a pharmacist, but would like to continue in the sport as much as he can.

"I am going to go through school, go to college,” Baker said. “I want to ride for as long as possible. I'm just going to do scootering as long as I can until I have to stop."

At his age, Baker likely has many years left to ride, which might include many more championships on the national stage, or perhaps, even at the world level.

Baker can be followed on social media at his Instagram page.

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