Officers on alert during Old Spanish Days

Security on high during Old Spanish Days

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Old Spanish Days takes place at a number of venues and that is why first responders are covering a lot of ground. 

They credit mutual aid for making it work but, Lt. Brian Theilst of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department said,"It is gonna take the public to help us out."

Officers urge people who see something suspicious to say something.

Santa Barbara Police have a new mobile command post to help them respond. It was funded by the One 805 concert following the Thomas Fire.

Sgt. Eric Beecher, of the Santa Barbara Police Department, said following the shooting in Gilroy, "We are on alert."

The command post, made in Wisconsin and designed by the first responders, can hold more than a dozen officers. It is parking near State Street next to a medical tent where staff members are trained to deal with everything from sunburns to active shooters.

LaVerne Ventura is a registered nurse who said she wants people to be safe and have a good time.

"Viva la Fiesta"

Merchants are on the lookout, too.

Robert  Reil is working in the "Your Needs Company" booth, "If you are considering coming to the event today that there are first responders and first aid personnel, fire department, K9s,  there's everything here are even police volunteers here and personally, if I saw a man with a gun I'd probably tip my own table over so I could go throttle the guy."

People looking after little ones say they feel secure.

They are thankful for the presence of first responders who are ready to respond at a moment's notice.

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