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"Aggressive" crows terrorizing Lompoc

Aggressive crows terrorizing Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - Lompoc has gone to the birds! A crow is reportedly terrorizing folks in the Civic Center Plaza.  

While this is not a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s 'The Birds,' an “aggressive” threat from the air has multiple city employees and folks just trying to pay their utility bills, ducking for cover. 

Brenda Cardenas was walking to her car outside the Lompoc Police Department when she was attacked. 

“I felt something peck my head. I thought someone was behind me for a second but then I realized there was no one there,” said Cardenas, a Police Records Technician. 

A winged menace is on the loose. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Cardenas chuckling. 

Jennifer Chastain has even resorted to wearing protective head gear. 

“I went and stole a lid to a box so I can put it over my head and protect myself,” said Chastain, Police Records Supervisor. 

The culprit, terrorizing Lompoc City Hall and Lompoc PD - a crow!

“It was actually a crow and then it came back a second time and I ran to my car,” said Cardenas.

Chastain says they’ve had issues with the birds around the complex in the past but it’s been a particularly bad year.

“Its very aggressive,” said Chastain. 

The Lompoc Police Department employees think the crow is protecting a nearby nest. 

“It’s the time of the year that the little fledglings are coming out and they just get real territorial,” said Chastain. 

With multiple sightings over the weekend and even on Tuesday, city employees are keeping an eye on the skies. 

“We’re not crazy.  If we’re walking around like this, we’re not crazy were just protecting ourselves,” said Chastain, holding up her lid. 

Wildlife officials say crow nesting season usually takes place from April to early July so it’s a safe bet that the crows are protecting their young. 


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