New bridges, sidewalk enhancing pedestrian safety opens in Santa Barbara's Eastside

New safety improvement in Santa...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Two new bridges have opened to the public along Santa Barbara's Eastside neighborhood.

City officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday morning to celebrate the completion of the Cacique Street and Soledad Street bridges.

This is a crucial corridor for people walking and biking between home, school and work.

"My dog Crea refused to walk over the bridge, it was too rickety for her. So I had to pick her up and take her over the bridge," said Santa Barbara Eastside resident Sara Patchen. "And since the new bridge came, she proudly walks on all these bridges. I think she's one of the most satisfied customers of this new project."

The project also creates the city's first bicycle boulevard and includes 500-feet of new sidewalk, new lighting, and improved storm water treatment for the area.

Funding for the project came from the Active Transportation Program.

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