Morro Bay Coast Guard federal workers get help from local residents

Local residents start food drive for Morro Bay Coast Guard

MORRO BAY, Calif. - Two Cambria residents who were concerned about federal workers going without pay due to the partial government shutdown, started a food drive for the Morro Bay Coast Guard. 

When Jim Mang heard that 27 young federal Coast Guard employees were struggling due to the shutdown, he decided to take action. 

“These are kids, they need paychecks, what is going on is ridiculous, ” said Mang.

The partial government shutdown is now the longest shutdown in history and hundreds of thousands of federal workers have started to miss paychecks.

Mang and his wife Alison Dallman, went to action on Saturday and reached out to the community for help. They posted to Facebook's Cambria Open Forum asking for others to donate. 

"I couldn’t just be donating money and talking to people and trying to share how this is hurting people, it wasn’t enough and my husband said well let's just go donate to the Coast Guard and I said okay,” said Dallman.

“All federal employees, TSA, air traffic control, these people are working for us, we're paying taxes but they are not getting their paychecks... that is just wrong, don’t use them as ponds,” said Mang. 

The shutdown has been in effect for more then three weeks, with Washington in gridlocked over President Trump’s demand for a wall along the southwestern border.

Many federal workers will not get reimbursed for their missed paychecks and for the young employees at the Morro Bay Coast Guard the food was a blessing during this difficult time. 

“It made me feel good to be able to do something more tangible," said Dallmann,  

Mang says they will continue the food drive until the shutdown ends and asks community members to contact him on Facebook's Cambria Open Forum if you would like to help. 

“Get them back to work and work your differences out, I don’t care what side of the fence your on, hashtag get it over with," said Mang.

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