More shark sighting up and down the coast

Great White Shark sightings up and down the coast

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - More local shark sightings witnessed up and down the coast. 

A great white shark was spotted right off the coast of Santa Barbara on Monday. 

Jonvan Obando from Montecito wanted to show his friends that were visting from Washington a little bit of Santa Barbara. They went out sailing and got a show they will never forget.

"We saw a dolphin laying in the water and then we decided to go over there," said Obando. "And a shark was cirlcing it."

They said the shark looked to be nearly 13 feet long and did not show any aggressive behaviors.

"It actually came up and was grabbing and eating the dolphin," said Obando.

The sighting prompted authorities to post shark advisories along East Beach. Junior Lifeguarders had to avoid getting into the ocean.

"They were told they can not enter the water today, or tomorrow until noon on Thursday when the advisory is lifted," said Tony Sholl who is the Aquatics Supervisor at Santa Barbara City.

And that wasn't the only sighting this week. Jennifer Samose from Agoura spotted another great white shark on Monday at Carpinteria Beach.

"I saw a black fin pop up and it wasn't really big, but it was heading towards my family and it was about 20 yards away," said Samose.



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