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New state rules for marijuana products could hurt Central Coast cannabis business

New state rules for marijuana products could hurt Central Coast cannabis business

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - New state rules for marijuana products rolled out on July 1st. For a new dispensary in Grover Beach, that's translating into higher prices and empty shelves. 

“They're testing for pesticides, molds, and metals,” said 805 Beach Breaks manager Daniel Fried. 

Packaging also needs to be child proof, and include labels with a "best by" date. The change is affecting the store's inventory. 

“Labs are getting very backed up in getting all those different products tested,” said Fried. 

“You know it's weird. We go from having full shelves to being very limited in what we offer," added Donovan Vidal, another employee at the dispensary. "We have people coming in for products that they were able to get a week ago.”

Consumers can also expect higher prices.

“There are products that prior to July 1st were $20. And now they're $22, $23, or $24 dollars,” explained Fried.

It may not seem like much, but when you include taxes, it can add up.

“We're just hoping that people have patience and continue working with us,” Vidal said. 

805 Beach Breaks reassures customers they'll be back to full speed in a couple of weeks, though. 

One store regular said he didn't even notice much of a change.

“Everything's been pretty consistent," shared Arroyo Grande consumer, Bryson Maughmer. "It is on the higher spectrum of prices for cannabis but that's to be expected.”

Maughmer said he's happy to pay the price.

“The product is great. It's easy, I don't have to call and wait an hour or two hoping someone is gonna come and deliver it to me.”

The dispensary had a big sale over the weekend to get rid of products that didn't meet the new state rules. 

805 Beach Breaks is also working on getting a recreational marijuana permit. The Grover Beach retailer is meeting with the city on July 9, 2018, to begin that process.

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