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Marijuana dispensary opening in Grover Beach prompts concerns from dance studio

Marijuana dispensary opening in Grover Beach prompts concerns from dance studio

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - The Natural Healing Center is currently in escrow to open a marijuana dispensary at the business park located off Huston Street in Grover Beach. 

The park includes the Coastal Dance and Music Academy but the deal is contingent upon the Natural Healing Center getting a permit from the city to open up a dispensary.

"They don't even mention us in their application that we're in here currently and we have a lease until 2030, so it's very disconcerting," says CDMA Co-Owner, Kathy Schultz. 

Schultz says renovating this building has been a labor of love, telling us: "From starting the business in a three car garage in Shell Beach to where we are now with over 7600 square feet, you have to love what you're doing in order to be involved in something that for years - you don't take home a paycheck."

Now she says they're economically viable with an average of 400 students each year.

In their application, the Natural Healing Center believes they would be economically viable as well. In the plan for the space, it lays out how they would be developing, cultivating, manufacturing and selling medical marijuana. 

Schultz says if just the dispensary aspect of the plan opens before their lease ends--it would be a problem.

"There's an associated threat of crime and beyond that, there's going to be a lot of trucks coming in and out and we have a very busy parking lot and the potential for a tragedy - I feel, is pretty high," she explains. 

Schultz thinks the owners should take another look before opening a location next to her studio, telling us: "I know - monetarily, the marijuana business would bring more but there are other places they can put it."

 We reached out to the Natural Healing Center's President for comment and haven't heard back.

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