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Company claims to have develop spray that helps protect homes from wildfires

Company services the Santa Barbara area

Sunfire Defense Spray

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - With fire season now year-round, many living in threatened areas are seeking new ways to keep their homes safe.

A company known as SunFire Defense has introduced a spray for homes that extinguishes flames. The local company claims that this product will help save homes from burning down.

Will Spyrison works as a fire consultant for the company but also has 36 years of firefighting background with the U.S. Forest Service. He says this spray will last for five years, and will not wash off.

“The likely hood of the house burning down is pretty minimal. If the house were to take flames, it will get some black on it but you can take a power washer and wash it off, but it is a lot better than having your house totally destroyed,” said Spyrison.

A homeowner that has lived in the Santa Barbara foothills for nearly 32 years decided to have her home sprayed. She did not want to be identified but says she thinks this is the best solution to help save her all wooden home.

“We have one neighbor that did everything he could and his whole house was leveled,” said the homeowner. “You just do everything you can think of, and hope for the best.”

Local firefighters tell NewsChannel 3 that they haven’t seen a product yet that lasts as long as the company claims. Bottom line, they say, is that fires can get into a house in many different ways, so while this concept is a good one, there are a lot of variables.

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