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Public hearing held to discuss permits awarded to three future cannabis storefronts in Santa Barbara

Hearing held to discuss pot shop permits already awarded

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - It will take time for some people to get used to the idea that the city of Santa Barbara will be home to three recreational cannabis storefronts.

About 40 people attended a hearing that allowed people to make public comments.

City staff also explains how they chose the companies.

They chose the companies based on their proven business plan and ability to pay for security.

Representatives from all three companies tried to assure the audience that they would comply with regulations. 

Graham Farrar of Farmacy and Julian Michalowski of Coastal Dispensary said they hope to open early next year. 

"Santa Barbara is a beautiful town for a reason and one of those reasons is they have pretty stringent standards for development, we need to now go through that process and that takes a certain amount of time, but we will be going as quick as we can," said Farrar.

The locations include:

  • Golden State Greens from GSG SBCA, Inc. - Located at 3516 State Street
  • Farmacy SB, Inc. - Located at 128 W. Mission Street
  • Coastal Dispensary, LLC - Located at 1019 Chapala Street

The selection of these three recreational cannabis sites comes after months of hearings, reviews, debate, ordinance changes, police analysis, and challenges.

To view the full 5-page report behind the selection process, click here.

To view a map of allowed zones for commercial cannabis, click here.

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