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'Afters' opens in Oxnard delighting taste buds with unique ice cream flavors

The 'milky bun' comes to The Collection

OXNARD, Calif. - If you're looking to indulge in something unique and out of this world, look no further than Afters Ice Cream at The Collection Riverpark in Oxnard.

"'Afters' was a Millennial-driven brand and it was to cater to a late night audience and provide a lot of flavors through our ice cream, and things that are very unique and obviously our milky bun is our most special product," said Afters' CEO and Founder Scott Nghiem.

If you're wondering what a milky bun ice cream sandwich is, Nghiem explains it like this...

"It's similar to a doughnut stuffed with ice cream. The concept behind that is that you know what both of them taste like but when you think about it together you're like 'oh, what does that actually really taste like' so it sparks curiosity."

So if you're looking for a guilt-free dessert, you won't find it here, instead, let the indulgence take over with over a dozen flavors to choose from -- try the 'Mint Monster' or the ever popular 'Cookie Monster,' and be sure to get the glazed milky bun.

"We have the motto of 'Leave your diet here' -- you're here for a reason so just enjoy life!...know that you'll leave satisfied," Nghiem said.

Afters Ice Cream now counts with 22 shops in Southern California and it's first in Ventura County, which can be found inside The Annex public market at The Collection.

"This area itself is a very drawing feature for us to see and when we heard about Oxnard, I talked to a couple of my buddies and they told me 'You know what? if you're gonna come here it has to be The Collection'...and we're excited to bring the milky bun and Afters Ice Cream to Oxnard," said Nghiem.

Many eager residents waiting in long lines on Afters' opening day on June 9, 2018, excited to delight their taste buds at a place that re-imagined the ice cream shop.

"The design, the decor, the flavors, the lifestyle behind it is very unique that we are able to do all these things without sticking to a corporate structure like a Baskin-Robbins, like a Ben & Jerry's," said Nghiem. "We're able to move and groove anything that's pop culture, we're able to follow anything that's new and exciting, we're able to execute right away."

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