Man sent to hospital in critical condition after car plunges off road

Cause of the accident is still under investigation

Man injured in W Camino Cielo crash

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - A man is in critical condition after his car went off the road and down a steep drop on Wednesday.

The man--who was the only passenger--was ejected from the car after it went off of West Camino Cielo near Highway 154 in the Santa Ynez Mountains. The car landed in a wooded area about 100 feet below the road and was severely damaged.

Santa Barbara County Fire and Los Padres National Forest Fire responded to the incident. Firefighters found the man next to the car. He was conscious and talking with first responders when they found him.

The man was taken to Cottage Hospital with critical injuries.

Firefighters say the rescue was difficult because of where the car landed.

"You have steep topography, you have footing issues with rocks and bushes and branches," Daniel Bertucelli of Santa Barbara County Fire said. "There's a heavy poison oak up there. And what we do is we use significant manpower. Had to put the patient on a backboard and put him into a Stokes basket. And carry him down using firefighters."

Neighbors say the turn in the road where the crash happened is narrow but that accidents like this aren't common.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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