Mad Bomberz Car Club host 11th annual car show

Mad Bomberz Car Club host 11th annual car show

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The Mad Bomberz Car Club held their annual car show in Santa Maria on Sunday.
The event was held at Pioneer park, where over 250 vintage cars were showcased.

“It''s a lot of fun, seeing the community come together. You have a lot of food and music, and it's just a lot of fun seeing all the cars from the past,” said Santa Maria resident Matthew Clayton.

The event had cars from the past in all different shapes and colors.  

“It's an amazing tradition to get together time and time again. And to celebrate these beautiful pieces of American history. Cause they really are amazing pieces of American History,” said Sweet As Candy a Lushes Ladies pin-up girl.

The Mad Bomberz Car show has become a staple in Santa Maria, Sunday marked the 11th year.
All the proceeds go to the Special Olympics. 
“A lot of people have children and it's not their fault, they are handicapped and we just try to bring happiness to everybody and everybody deserves to be happy,” said Mad Bomberez Car Club founder Carlos Baray.

Happiness that one Special Olympics Athlete says makes all the difference. 

“Having fun with it and doing different kinds of sports and building up the courage to be an athlete, that is what makes me happy,” said Special Olympics athlete Taylor Stewart. 

The annual show brings in people from places like Las Vegas, Oxnard and Sacramento.
It also brings with it the culture that comes with old school pin-ups. 

“We are apart of the Santa Barbara Lushes Ladies, we are a group of pin-up girls. We like to hang out and live the lifestyle and just have fun with it,” said Lushes Ladies pin-up girl Lizbeth Barron.

Mad Bomberz Car Club has raised over $55,000 over the years that they donated to different nonprofits. 

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