Lompoc's first recreational marijuana dispensary opens

Lompocs first recreational marijuana dispensary opens

LOMPOC, Calif. - The first recreational marijuana dispensary in Lompoc opened it's doors to the public today.  Leaf Dispensary had a steady stream of first-time customers throughout the day. 

“It's been a slow and long process but I'm glad they did it that way because it's important that everything is done within the law and everything,” said Lompoc resident Levi Foltz.

Many critics were upset with how long it took Lompoc to allow the first dispensary to operate but owner David MacFarlane says he's just happy to be open. 

"Today has been very exciting, we are thrilled that we are the first cannabis dispensary in Lompoc. It's been a long-awaited challenge but we are just happy as can be,” said Leaf Dispensary owner David MacFarlane.

Customers said they're grateful to now have a safe environment to buy cannabis in town.
“It's nice to be able to go to an actual store and not have to do things all sketchy,” said Lompoc resident Caitlyn Brown.

The license took just under a year to go through. MacFarlane accredits his 12 years of experience in the cannabis industry as to why the city approved him as the first dispensary.

“You can tell that people here have been voting for this, they wanted it for years,” said Leaf Dispensary employee Peter Stevens.

Ten commercial cannabis licenses applications have been approved by the Lompoc City Clerk’s Office with an additional 16 pending. Before the remaining approved applicants can open their doors they will need to be granted a certificate of occupancy by the City of Lompoc. 

The city has no set date at this time as to when they will grant additional certificates.  

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