Lompoc grants license for first pot dispensary

Lompoc first marijuana dispensary set to open

LOMPOC, Calif. - The City of Lompoc will soon be opening its first marijuana dispensary.

Licensee David MacFarlane, was granted the first certificate of occupancy for the commercial cannabis operation; however, neighboring businesses have mixed feelings on the dispensary opening.

“It's good that the city council of Lompoc actually thought about it and realized this is a viable economic solution for some of the problems we have here financially,” said Therapeutic Flower delivery service CEO, Anthony Brunelle.

MacFarlane says it was a challenging and difficult process to obtain the license that took almost a year to get. He says the city was very thorough, to make sure it was done right. The City of Lompoc will receive a six percent tax on all gross sales.  

“Seventy-six percent of voters in Lompoc supported Measure D in November and I'm sure the city is excited to rack in those tax dollars,” said Lompoc Valley Cannabis Association co-founder, Joe A Garcia.

But one neighboring business, Golden State Taekwondo, feels the dispensary is not a good addition. He says the young children that attend his studio could be affected negatively.

“I don’t think that it's a good idea. Our target zone is small kids, so young kids come here for a Taekwondo education. It's not a good environment for children,” said Master Lee.

MacFarlane was the first person to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Goleta in 2007 and feels his 12 years of industry experience helped him get the first license in Lompoc.

MacFarlane plans to open his store called Leaf Dispensary, located on Ocean Ave and L Street, on January 18, 2019.

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