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Santa Barbara leaders react to national emergency declaration

Santa Barbara leaders react to national emergency declaration

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - President Trump signed two important documents on Friday. One to fund the government and avoid a shutdown, the other declared a national emergency at the southern border.

Leaders on both sides of the aisle are weighing in and there's an effort underway locally to send a message to Congress. 

President Trump's national emergency declaration was met with mixed reaction in Santa Barbara County.

"First of all people are really happy that there's not going to be another government shutdown," said Gregory Gandrud, Spokesperson for the Santa Barbara County Republican Party. 

"Why is this a national emergency," asks Jacqueline Inda, a rally Volunteer. 

Women's March Santa Barbara quickly mobilized, planning a Monday rally in De La Guerra Plaza. Volunteers like Inda worry about the message President Trump's actions send to our youth.

"Even though things don't seem quite right and the messages against our migrant community, we know that every resident in this county counts and this is why we need to stand together because the message of breaking apart families and breaking apart communities is strong," said Inda. 

Organizers say they want to make it clear to Congress that we expect them to stand up for us and override this.

"Our government is created with a process for a specific reason, for somebody to bypass Congress is really unfortunate because it becomes something our kids will live with for a long time," said Inda. 

However, Members of the GOP in Santa Barbara County disagree with claims that Trump has gone rogue.

"He has the responsibility and the power to protect our country, he is our commander in chief and he does have the authority under the law in the event of a national emergency which this clearly is," said Gandrud. 

Gandrud believes we're overwhelmed by huge waves of drug-smuggling caravans that present a crisis for our country. "We do need to do something about it and it's urgent," he said. 

Governor Gavin Newsom calls this whole thing a 'theater of the absurd' and says California has had enough. 

"We have 550,000 fewer people in this state without documentation than we did a decade ago, this is pure politics," said Newsom. 

The Stop the National Emergency Rally runs from noon to 2 p.m. Monday in De La Guerra Plaza. 

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