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Visiting Team Takes Knee Like Kaepernick

Players choose not to stand during Anthem

Crenshaw vs Oxnard football games leads to controversy

OXNARD, Calif. - The Colin Kaepernick effect has spread to high school games.

On Friday night, while the Oxnard High School Marching Band performed the National Anthem, the visiting Crenshaw Cougars emulated the NFL player by kneeling.

Oxnard High School video production class happened to be on hand videotaping the anthem and the football game.

Crenshaw students cited recent police shootings as the reason for taking a knee.

Their Crenshaw coaches didn't join them, but their parents and cheerleaders in the stands said they supported them.

Reaction on the Oxnard side of the field was mixed.

Oxnard went on to win the game.

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