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Hundreds of Kids Experience Classical Music in Santa Barbara's 'Fun in the Sun' Event

Hundreds of Kids Experience Classical Music in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - More than 300 kids will visit the Music Academy of the West and watch an exclusive premiere of an opera.

The students are part of a United Way summer program called Fun in the Sun.

The children were hand selected by school officials. Most of the kids are from low-income families and are suffering in school.

"If someone doesn't step in, these kids will repeat what's taking place in the rest of their lives," said Paul Didier, the president and CEO of United Way of Santa Barbara County.

Didier says 25% of the students have family members in jail. The Fun in the Sun program gives chance to have a productive and educational summer.

On Monday, students ages 6 to 13 visited the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara. They enjoyed an hour long opera performance.

"They were singing loud and fast, but I understand some of it," said Destiny Serafin, a 10-year-old from Santa Ynez.

Destiny and her friend, Adilene Ruiz, 9-years-old, enjoyed the opera and related to the main character.

"We learned about a story about a girl that wants to escape the zoo and a boy that is with her, but doesn't want to," said Adilene Ruiz, from Santa Ynez.

The opera was called "Second Nature." It followed a young woman and man who always questioned why the human race never wandered outside their dwelling. The opera was based in the future, where the sun made it too hot for people to be outside. Whoever survived lived inside a zoo with protective barriers. People were not allowed to leave the building.

"If I never saw like this before, I would be like well what is nature about? I would want to know what it is," said Destiny.

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