Holocaust survivors take part in Remembrance Day program

Holocaust survivors take part in Remembrance Day program

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Rabbis and members of the Temple B'nai B'rith congregation welcomed clergy from other faiths to join in Yom HaShoah.

The Holocaust Remembrance Day is an annual event on the Jewish Calendar.

The most treasured guests are always Holocaust survivors from the community.

Seven survivors took at active role in the program including retired Doctor Stanley Ostern.

"I want them to remember what happened to 6 million people and my grandparents and my aunts in uncles were killed in concentration camps. What did they do, just because they are a different religion," said Ostern,

Participants talked about the importance of standing together in the wake of antisemetic violence in Poway and Pittsburgh.

Cantor Mark Childs said, "The horrors on the Holocaust are not just history, they are very much still present in people's psyches, you have to be vigilant at all times, and that is one of the lessons we are going to try to convey."

Father Larry Gosselin from the Santa Barbara Parish, Old Mission said, "I am here personally to support the Jewish community and the tragedies that have taken place recently in Poway in San Diego and just to send as a real sign of support and fellowship."

During the service they read from Holocaust testimony.

Then, eighth graders shared what they have learned by interacting with survivors.

One teenage boy said, "By speaking out against hate, I will be able to create a loving accepting and hate-free society."

The lighting of memorial candles followed.

Holocaust survivors went first, followed by the children and grandchildren of survivors,

The also had a minute of silence to make sure they never forget . 

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