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Fiesta cleanup gets a solid start despite leftover confetti in many areas

Drains were covered to protect ocean

Power washing after Fiesta in Santa Barbara will go on for days on many streets. (John Palminteri /

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -     Santa Barbara has been awash with workers cleaning up and spraying down the remains of Old Spanish Days.
     A crew from the Big Green company worked an extra full day to get nearly all of the confetti and trash left behind.

    A special tool was used to pick up nails and screws from the vendor booths.

Business owners and their staffs were out too.   They were armed with brooms and cleaning up in and around areas in front of their doors.

  The biggest culprit has been the confetti from cascarones eggs.
   Thousands were smashed throughout downtown,  the north side mercado  and many other places.

    The remains were largely gone when Georgia Pulos walked by. "Totally impressed everything has dissolved and it looks like they've swept it away and out of the storm drains.  Beautiful!"

 Efforts to keep the confetti from storm drains that go directly to the ocean included mesh that was laid down over the openings. 

 Yael Villagomez is a college student who would like to see less confetti and  said "you know I think the easiest thing is to vacuum it up but it's gonna be a difficult task."

After trying to peel up some tape that was stuck to the bricks in the 700 block of State Street, Saber Moore said,  "It's really like sticking to the ground and leaves a residue. "
One suggestion by Gabby Ferrara  was, "maybe some tweezers."

There were also areas where colorful, but gummy silly string was still stuck.  Some was on the side of a tree.

The confetti was mainly paper and not mylar or plastic.  That  was widely known to be the worst form because it does not break down if it gets in the ocean.

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