Ellwood elementary school students host members of the military in Goleta

OXNARD, Calif. - Third grade students at Ellwood Elementary school in Goleta had the great honor of playing host to 6 members of the USS California, a Virginia Class Submarine.

Third Graders enjoyed listening to Commander David Payne and crew members as they shared an informative slide show which touched on submarine life, importance of STEM initiatives to serving on a US Navy sub, and why they decided to serve their country in this Navy community. 

Commander Payne and the crew were then peppered with numerous questions from the lively, young audience. Commander Payne listened to the children sing a number of patriotic songs and the lesson was wrapped up with Commander Payne naming all the boys and girls Honorary Submariners. 

Commander Payne and the crew of the USS California also presented Ellwood School with a beautiful plaque as a memento of their 2019 namesake visit.


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