UCSB student's petition receives international attention

Aims to make animal abuse federal felony

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A UCSB student started a petition to help prevent animal cruelty and torture. What she wasn’t expecting was the outpour of attention that it received.

It’s no secret Corie Fiebiger is an animal lover, but the UCSB communication major is using her love to make a change.

A professor assigned her class the task of starting an online petition to understand the power behind social media. She chose preventing animal cruelty and torture by reclassifying the crime as a felony across the country.

“I decided this would be a good issue that I could share that was a nonpartisan issue that won’t get people all rallied up against each other and I have some experience in domestic violence relations in the past so it was really close to my heart,” said Fiebiger.

Fiebiger created the petition on and within minutes the signatures came pouring in.

“I am shocked.” said Fiebiger. “I am thrilled and shocked. I was refreshing the page on my phone maybe every 10 minutes and it was like 20 more people, 100 more people, 200 more people and I am just blown away.”

The petition now has over 2500 signatures and has reached up to 16 different countries all from people hoping to change the law.

“I am hoping animal cruelty will become a federal felony in America,” said Fiebiger. “Right now there is a law to create or obtain video of animals being tortured or abused, but the act itself is not illegal which is crazy to me. I am hoping that the viewers will get on there and sign as well and then I can bring it to Nancy Pelosi and I am hoping she will use her position of power to really help inspire Democrats and Republicans to really pass this thing to a law.”

No government representatives have reached out to Fiebiger just yet, but her class project has made a lasting impression on her.

“The project was to see the power behind social media and I really have,” said Fiebiger.

The petition can be found here.

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