Summertime construction project bringing new buildings to Mesa Middle School

$3.6 million upgrade to add more classrooms

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - Constructors workers spent Tuesday at Mesa Middle School helping piece together the first of several new additions to the campus.

It's the latest facility upgrade being made by Lucia Mar Unified School District (LMUSD) through money generated by the Measure I bond that passed in 2016.

The new Mesa building was pre-made in Bakersfield and trucked over to the Central Coast.

When completed, it will become a classroom and new band room.

In just the past two months, Lucia Mar has added a several similar prefabricated new classrooms at Nipomo Elementary and Arroyo Grande High School.

Tuesday's construction project will be first of a several facility upgrades to the Mesa campus this summer.

Later on, four new science classrooms will be added.

LMUSD plans to have all of the new classrooms be ready to use when the new school year begins in just over eight weeks.

The cost of the Mesa Middle School additions is $3.6 million.

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