Discovery of body parts doesn't keep people from the Isla Vista beaches

Second location off UCSB's campus point

Isla Vista beaches remain popular with residents despite the discovery of body parts this week.  (photo: John Palminteri/

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Discovery of body parts this week in Isla Vista and off the UC Santa Barbara coast has not kept everyone in the area from the ocean.

"I think it's a little unsettling to know that body parts are washing up," said resident Lisa Rey.  "It won't stop me from going to the beach but it's definitely going to make me more aware."

She was on a dog walk checking the area out but the high tide kept her from the shoreline.  

"You're used to seeing seals and whatever wash up,  dead birds but definitely keep my eye out and see what my dog is sniffing," said Rey.

The remains were badly decomposed and special testing by an FBI lab and the Santa Barbara County coroners office will have to be done to attempt to make an identification.

One of the first things local residents  did when they heard about the body parts being discovered was ask their friends if they had heard about anyone that's missing.

"People fall off the cliffs occasionally but they know what happens basically," said bike rider Mark Hanes who knows the area well.

For now there's no known missing person from this community that's been named and that leaves the investigators looking at all possibilities including a boating accident or a drowning. Foul play has not been suggested.

The waters where the body parts were found are very popular with the Isla Vista residents and there are many surfing spots. Staying out of the ocean is likely not going to happen on these summer days.  

Maddy Jurisich said, "I've seen people literally a day after surfing and stuff.  I'm not worried about going to the beach but it's definitely a freaky thing."


The body parts were found in two different locations.  Below  Pescadero Park on Del Playa Drive and at Campus Point on the side of UCSB facing Goleta Beach.


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