Shooting incident in Pismo Beach declared false alarm

Pismo Beach active shooter false alarm


Tense moments for a Pismo Beach family and their neighbors Friday afternoon after heavily armed police responded to what turned out to be a false report of an active shooter in the along Highland Drive.

Pismo Beach Police, backed up by Arroyo Grande Police and Grover Beach Police, responded to the call at about 2:30 p.m. of an active shooter at a home on Wave Avenue near the intersection with Highland Drive.

Local firefighters and paramedics also responded to the location.

Once the area was secured, with some streets closed to traffic, police were able to make contact with a Wave Avenue resident who was working in his driveway when the heavily armed officers arrived on scene.

"I told them there should be some mistake here", said Wave Avenue resident Ashraf Tubeileh who was briefly detained by officers on scene, "because I'm out here working on my car and I didn't hear anything, didn't see anything, my wife is inside, my daughter is inside, they're all okay, we didn't see anything suspicious."

"We take our time with this, obviously we all staged out here, we don't rush up to the house because we don't want to force an incident inside", said Pismo Beach Police Commander Tom Portz on scene, "then we saw somebody in the driveway, we were able to call him over, so we started suspecting at that point when he was totally surprised, and there were no signs of injury or foul play at that point, then we checked on the rest of the residence, the family checked out okay."

Things returned to normal in the normally quiet neighborhood after about an hour of the police drama.


Law enforcement responded to a possible shooting incident at a home in Pismo Beach Friday afternoon.

The call came in at around 2:30 p.m. 

The Pismo Beach Police Department, with assistance from Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach police departments, responded to a home on the 100 block of Wave Avenue.

Emergency vehicles diverted traffic in the area and some streets were closed while officers responded.

When police began investigating the scene they determined that the call was a false alarm and there was no active shooter situation.

Investigators will try to determine who was responsible for making the false police call.

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