Neighbor suspects shooting in Santa Maria may be gang-related

Shooting in Santa Maria possible gang violence

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Police responded to a shooting near Santa Maria's Minami Park on Enos Drive on Saturday night. 

The shooting took place around 10 p.m.

Upon arrival, police found an adult male who had suffered several multiple gunshot wounds. He received medical aid and was transported to Marian Medical Center. 

A neighbor who wants his name to remain anonymous says he wants the violence in the neighborhood to end.  

“I'm tired of violence and innocent people dying," he said. I'm just tired.” 

He says that the killings feel like they are becoming an everyday occurrence and he's worried about his little sister's safety. 

“It's either a friend you know, a brother, a sister, someone close to you that you are not going to see anymore. It's sad,” said the resident. 

“It just happens... there is a lot of murder for a reason, ” said the resident. The neighbor said he is sure that reason is gang violence.

A problem that has plagued Santa Maria for years. But nonprofit organization Fighting Back says the reccurring gang violence is a deeper issue. 

“We don’t have a gang problem. Gang life is a symptom of a problem,” said the Fighting Back advocate. 

He said when problems at home start they see kids skipping school which then leads to a domino effect. 

“They start turning to drugs and alcohol. Then they have to pay for those drugs and alcohol so what do they do? How can you make money when you are 15 years old, 14, and 13 years old and you can't read and write, and you're not successful at school. Well you turn to crime,” said the Fighting Back advocate. 

Police do not know if this shooting was gang-related and the motive is under investigation. 

They are not releasing the victim's identity or condition at this time.

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