Port Hueneme police use new tool to track crime

PORT HUENEME, Calif. - The Port Hueneme Police Department is initiating a new program to help people track crime.

A new interactive site called allows users to see reported crimes on a map of their neighborhood.

Crime Mapping users can search for their state and city and find dozens of incidents that have been reported to local police. 

The site is free and users can see crimes reported up to six months prior. 

Port Hueneme Police Chief Andrew Salinas brought the program to the city. He says the site lets residents analyze crime in the area.

“It allows them to do their part in terms of seeing what is happening in their community and being more aware and alert,” said Salinas. “They can see there was a trend of burglaries, let’s say, in their neighborhood and now they can be on the alert or be more conscientious about what they leave in their vehicles.” 

The Port Hueneme Police Department officially joined the program last week. 

“It gives the community an opportunity to participate in crime fighting so they are aware of what is happening in their community within days,” said Salinas. 

After 30 years as a resident of Port Hueneme, Bobby Gonzales has his pulse on what happens in the neighborhood.

“Everybody watches everybody’s backs so it’s hard for anyone to come here and do any crime,” Gonzales says.

That being said, Gonzales believes Crime Mapping will be an effective tool for protecting the community.

“If you get the community involved, that is what works,” said Gonzales. 

The program is costing the city 1,500 dollars a year. The Oxnard Police Department also uses the Crime Mapping program.

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