Multiple gun shots fired in Santa Barbara neighborhood

No known injuries or arrests

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - About eight rounds of gun shots were fired in a Santa Barbara neighborhood Saturday morning about 12:45 a.m. 

No one was located with injuries when numerous units with the Santa Barbara Police department came to the area of Anapamu Street near Chino Street.

Many neighbors called 911 when the shots were heard.

Some said it was in two different firing patterns with four shots at a time.

Shells and other evidence were located in the street.

Officers with flashlights walked slowly throughout the area looking for impact points from the bullets on cars, trees, and structures.

It is unknown if the shots were fired from a passing vehicle or from a pedestrian.    Based on the pattern of shell casings on the ground, one investigator believed a vehicle was involved but the shots came from the sidewalk or street area.

The street was closed off for more than an hour.

Neighbors were interviewed and surveillance cameras were checked to help identify what took place.

Anyone coming home during the investigation was escorted to their homes by officers to make sure the crime scene was not disturbed.

Police were also checking with Cottage Hospital to see if anyone arrived with an injury.

Earlier in the evening a few blocks away there was an armed robbery with a gun in a small store that had customers inside at the time.   No one was hurt and the suspect escaped with the cash register.  That crime involved a possible getaway car described as a white BWM with silver rims.



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