Homeless man gets six years after attacking Oxnard grandmother

Woman later died from blood clot

Barcenas sentencing

OXNARD, Calif. - A man who attacked a great-grandmother in Oxnard was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday afternoon.

“She had a heart for them,” said Marie Hamilton, daughter of the victim. “She would give them that dollar, a blanket, anything. She has all the time.”

Hamilton remembers her mother, Armida Castro, as giving and generous to the homeless, but it was a homeless man by the name of Adam Barcenas that contributed in her mother’s death.

“She said I was sure he was going to ask me for money, and then she said, 'he came up to me and he hit me in the face,'” said Hamilton. “With his fist.”

The attack happened back on April 13 near Sixth and A street in Oxnard. Castro was trying to get into her car when Barcenas approached and attacked her.

“Then she said he threw out another punch and hit her on the chest and that is when she fell backwards,” said Hamilton. “The beating kept going. I just couldn’t breathe listening to what she was telling me.”

The 71-year-old great grandmother died from a blood clot one week after the attack.  

“And she says I have a lump on my head the size of an egg,” said Hamilton. “She told me that at least five times, she couldn’t believe how big this lump on her head was.”

The medical examiner says the attack caused the clot. But, prosecutors knew Castro had a prior medical condition and didn't believe homicide could be proven. On Wednesday, Barcenas pleaded guilty to two felony counts of elder abuse. He got a six-year prison sentence, and the Castro's family is heartbroken.

“Friends and family can see him, know where he is at, make phone calls, write letters, and I get to visit my mother at a graveyard with no letters, and no communication, and no talk,” said Hamilton. “And I hate that. I hate that very much, and I am really frustrated about it, and I do not think it is fare.”

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