CHP releases footage of dangerous car chase

CHP releases video of wild car chase


The California Highway Patrol released a wild video showing the driver of a stolen truck leading CHP officers on a chase from Nipomo to the Los Padres National Forest.

This chase required a lot of teamwork between CHP ground and aerial units. 

But as sergeant James Ferguson of the CHP explained, the risks involved were extremely high. ​​

“He's going very fast. The officer is driving at a safe distance. He was chased down the 101 to 166,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson described this car chase as “chaotic.”

“He's trying to lay on the gas. It's extremely dangerous for all officers and anybody on the ground in this area,” Ferguson said, while playing the video. 

A CHP airplane on patrol nearby began tracking the chase from the air.

The helicopter crew coordinated with one of the ground units to leave a spike strip on the roadside.

“So our helicopters landed to deploy the spike strips. The strips have hollow tubes that lets out the air of the tires at a slow rate so it minimizes the chance of causing a collision,” Ferguson said.

The driver managed to avoid not one, but two spike strips and eventually drove down a 2,000-foot embankment.

Ferguson said one of the biggest challenges during a pursuit is maintaining public safety and ensuring apprehension at the same time.

Pursuits in general are fluid, dynamic and ever-changing. We constantly re-evaluate our involvement,” Ferguson said. 

The man ran down a steep hillside.

While he eventually surrendered, officers then had to hike back up the steep embankment to the road.

In short, Furgeson said if you try to run, “We're going to find you. We're going to take you to jail.”


The California Highway Patrol released footage of a law enforcement pursuit in San Luis Obispo County last week. 

The chase started Friday in Pismo Beach and saw helicopters and multiple law enforcement vehicles chasing the suspect through the Los Padres National Forest. 

Video of part of the chase was captured by a CHP helicopter and posted onto the CHP Coastal Division's Facebook page

The video shows the driver of a dark pickup truck evading capture from CHP officers while law enforcement tried a variety of techniques to get the driver to stop. The chase ends when the driver crashes his vehicle and then flees on foot. 

According to CHP, the pickup truck was stolen. 

No one was injured in the crash. 

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