Brazen thief hits several businesses in Paso Robles

Mail thief targets Paso Robles businesses

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - Paso Robles police say multiple businesses along Ramada Drive were the target of a thief Sunday night. 

Three area businesses including True Tube and Custom Tube all had their mail stolen. A third business, Trailer Barn Inc., caught the thief on camera. 

In less than one minute, surveillance video shows a brazen thief hop out of his car in Paso Robles and take Trailer Barn's mail before driving away. 

"We have checks in the mail, anything, any material from our manufacturers, you name it it can be in there,” said Aaron Montgomery, Trailer Barn's Manager. 

As the video keeps rolling it shows the thief realizing he can’t pry the mailbox open. He then grabs some sort of tool to help get inside. Montgomery is calling this an invasion of privacy

"It’s our business and we are here trying to make a living,” he said. While he would like to get the mail back, Montgomery said it’s unlikely.

Watch the surveillance video below.



The mailbox sits just outside of the business and it usually has a lock on it, but not anymore. That lock is gone and so is all of the mail that was inside.

"People are starting to get frustrated now, people are starting to keep their eyes open,” he added. 

As his frustration mounts so does his concern. It seems like they can’t seem to catch a break. Just two months ago someone broke into the business.

"We have done everything we can to keep our property secure,” Montgomery said.

This scenario is all too familiar to Bob Garcia. He owns Mom’s Mufflers just a few minutes down the block from Trailer Barn.

"I had my mail stolen probably a year and a half to two years ago and I don’t bother putting anything in the mail or writing checks if the mail [man] already came by,” said Garcia. 

After Paso Robles Police say two other businesses in the area also got their mail stolen, Garcia says it’s something he hopes doesn't start happening again in his neighborhood.

"Maybe the consequence isn’t enough or something, it's not safe anymore to even put your mail in your mailbox,” Garcia added. 

Police say they have not made any arrests. They describe the suspect as a man, with a red ball cap and dark clothing. They describe the car in the surveillance video as a light-colored sedan, possibly a Subaru Outback.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Paso Robles Police Department 805-237-6464.

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