One person shot near Chapala Street in Santa Barbara, suspect arrested

Altercation led to shooting

Police investigating early morning shooting on Chapala Street

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A man was arrested Wednesday after one person was shot Wednesday morning in Santa Barbara.

According to the Santa Barbara Police Department, the shooting was reported at 5:00 a.m. Wednesday in the 400 block of Chapala Street in downtown Santa Barbara. Two people got into an altercation. One of the subjects involved then shot the victim. The victim was treated for a gunshot wound and is expected to survive.

Police set up a perimeter and were eventually able to identify and apprehend the suspect on the first block of East Cota Street. He was arrested with the help of multiple officers and it was discovered he still had a a firearm on his person.

The suspect has been identified as Terrence Roberson, 34. 

Yellow tape was set up around the crime scene near a used car parking lot.

The shooting took place in front of Carzoid, a used car lot. Owner Russ Yahyavi was surprised to wake up to the news.

“My phone started ringing about 5:30 in the morning,” Yahyavi said. “And then it was one call and then a second call. Then 20 minutes and a third call. I said ‘God, who the heck is trying to get a hold of me?’ And I thought ‘It’s gotta be something bad.’”

One shot hit a pickup truck's bumper in Yahyavi's lot, leaving behind a noticeable bullet hole. Another shot appeared to hit the hood, leaving a dent.

One bullet broke the window of the store next door. The owner, Karen McFadden, says she and her husband had just landed in Los Angeles Wednesday morning after a trip to visit their son when Santa Barbara Police contacted them.

“We have a hole in our window and the police are in looking [inside for the bullet],” McFadden said with a laugh. “So, welcome back to Santa Barbara.”

After he was shot, the victim sought help in the lobby of the Salvation Army's Transition & Recovery Center nearby. The facility was unable to confirm or deny whether the victim and Roberson were staying there Tuesday night.

As for the businesses impacted, there was a mixture of disbelief and frustration in the hours after the shooting.

“[A shooting] on Chapala? I couldn’t believe it! This is a nice area,” Yahyavi said. “I’d go walk here any time of the night.”

“We’ve lived down here for over 22 years and there’s been increased problems down here,” McFadden said. “Severe, increased problems. This is the icing on the cake.”

Santa Barbara Police are still investigating the shooting.

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