After an officer is injured, Isla Vista safety will be a prominent message as college students arrive

UCSB and SBCC students sharing many streets

Sheriff's deputies and UCSB Police busy as school year begins

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - After a UC Police officer was hurt Saturday night during a disturbance, safety issues for law enforcement, community leaders and residents remain the highest priority for Isla Vista.

Many are speaking out about a disturbance that was winding down when an 18-year old Santa Barbara City College student allegedly struggled with an officer in a tangled fight that ended with the officer knocked out. She had hit the bumper of a truck in a hard fall. 

The suspect Isaac Brown escape but was arrested this week during an intensive investigation and the help of witnesses.

Brown is a football player, now suspended, at Santa Barbara City College.

Lt. Rueben Cintron at the Isla Vista Foot Patrol said, UC Santa Barbara will begin classes later this month and move in weekend is still ahead.   He said it was unclear what young people were at the party but the rules of safety will be firmly enforcement.  

Cintron just took this daughter off to college and said parents need to have a straight forward talk about the " good things that are out here as well as the risks,  the negative things that are out here."

The phone video of the scene and the officer falling down into the truck has been disturbing to watch for some people.

Isla Vista Community Services Director Ethan Bertrand says, "there's never a time for violence and we need to keep emphasizing that. This is a great place to live, enjoy, and a great place to study but  within that  pride we all need to watch out for each other, and making the right decisions to move forward as a community."

He is asking for a plan that includes Community Service Officers from the campus to be helpful on the streets of Isla Vista as well.  They can be another set of eyes for law enforcement and be a safe escort for students from the campus to their apartments.

Del Playa resident Shane Hauschild says he feels safe but, "obviously there are things that happen that you can not avoid.  In any college town not I.V. in particular."  He was not home at the time of the incident not far from his front door.   Hauschild says he has talked to his roommates about security on their property and to always lock their car doors.   They enjoy the ocean views and in his final year, he is happy to be in the apartment house at the prestigious location.

"Isla vista is the most beautiful college town you could image. Right on the ocean,  it is a place everyone wants to come to and visit and unfortunately things happened when there 's a ton of people and some alcohol involved," said Hauschild, a Global Studies Major.

The Foot Patrol officer say they will have a strong presence as the students arrive and hope to meet many of them, especially those with security questions.  "there's a term, whatever is predictable is preventable and if you follow that you should be in good shape."

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