Couples renew their vows during Blessing of Marriages ceremony at Ventura County Fair

Couples said, "I still do."

Couples renew vows during Blessing of Marriages ceremony at Ventura County Fair

VENTURA, Calif. - The annual Blessing of the Marriages ceremony took place at the Ventura County Fair on Tuesday morning.

Couples with a cumulative 1400 years of marriage renewed their vows together.

Instead of saying "I do" husbands and wives said, "I still do."

Pastor Jim Duran passed around a microphone to ask couples how they met, how long it took them to get engaged, and how they stay in love.

Barbara and Tony Volante have been married for almost 60 years.

"I think our secret is we are both Italian, very high-strung, mainly me, but I think if there is a problem and arguments--address it-- right there, don't let it fester,"said Barbara.

"It takes one minute to get over," said Tony.      

Pastor Jim Duran introduced his wife of 30 years and said called her a great cook.

Duran called it a special day.

"It is special for a lot of reasons. The Blessing of the Marriages is special because we need a group of people, we need these couples to finish strong and it is so important that they are here sharing in front of everyone that they are ready to do this again, they are ready to again because in the world that we live in today where everybody is ready to give up at the drop of a hat it is so awesome to see couples that say they want to go the long haul. We know it is not easy we know that marriage is a difficult thing to go through what a great example I think it shows our world that it can be done. So I am excited. I think it is a special day. I think that the couple that are renewing their vows today as absolutely amazing because they are deciding that they continue to finish strong in this journey they have started." 

Some couples shared their wedding photos and took new photos after the ceremony.

Guinevere Heath, the owner of  Cup Cakes Sweets For You ( served cupcakes and lemonade during the reception next to the Seabreeze Stage near the entrance of the fairgrounds.

A nonprofit called "Marriage well" helped host the event.

Marriage Well's founder Al Perez said they are on the lookout for the local couples who have been married the longest so they can invite them to a luncheon in May.

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