Congressman Carbajal hosts heated Santa Maria town hall

Talking immigration, impeachment & mass shootings

Congressman Carbajal hold heated town hall meeting

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Congressman Salud Carbajal hosted a town meeting in Santa Maria on Thursday at the Veteran's Memorial Building.

Emotions were charged as members of the public spoke out about the change they want to see.  Carbajal touched on his support of banning automatic weapons, health care equality, and the injustices he said he saw happening to children at the border detentions. 
And with last weeks mass shootings, guns were on everyone's mind. 

The crowd heckled one member of the public as she denounced Carbajal's policies.

While other member cheered when Carbajal told them he is in favor of bills that would ban assault weapons and the ammunition used with them. 

Carbajal discussed his support of The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. A bill that will help families identify people who own firearms that are at risk.

“When they come across an individual who is a risk to themselves, or others that they can petition the courts to temporality take guns away from their possession and prohibit them from purchasing guns while they are in crisis,” said Carbajal. 

Gun issues hit close to home to many in the crowd.

“I worked at a school where there was a shooting many years ago, and I think military-grade weapons being available to anyone is a dangerous thing in our society,” said one attendee David Dennis.

“I'm scared for my life. It's only gotten worse everywhere we go. I can't go to a movie theater or a concert,” said attendee David Heckathorn.

Other attendees however felt differently. 

“If anyone thinks that people in Washington DC or the state capital are going to change our gun laws and make this stop that is absolutely ridiculous,” said one a woman who stood at the podium.  

The Congressman was met with a standing ovation when he announced his new stance on impeachment inquires of  President Donald Trump.

“I have decided to join my Democratic colleagues in calling for an impeachment inquiry. When you consider that this president and his administration time and time again have refused to abide by the subpoenas I think there is no alternative but to embark on this inquiry to really get to the facts so the American people can see the real picture,” said Carbajal.

Carbajal also recounted his visit to the border where children are being held in detention centers. He said conditions were bad with children being feed poorly. He said they were made to shower like prisoners. 

“In the past, both republican and democratic administrations have done some of these activities, but they have always done it in a more compassionate way,” said Carbajal

Carbajal also talked about his reintroduction of the California Clean Coast Act and his support of keeping the California oceans protected from offshore drilling. 

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