Colorado motorcycle race's future in question after Dunne's death

Motorcycle race under scrutiny after Dunne's death

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Colorado motorcycle race where Santa Barbara's Carlin Dunne was killed last month is discussing its future.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs is an iconic racing event for cars and motorcycles, but organizers are now talking about potentially ending the motorcycle portion of the event.

Dunne won the motorcycle race at Pikes Peak four times. He was less than a quarter mile from the finish line when he lost control and was thrown off of his bike on June 30.

Dunne became the seventh person to die on the Hill Climb, which dates back to 1916.

Curt Russell, a customer who got to know Dunne while visiting his Ducati shop in Santa Barbara, is unsure whether the motorcycle race should end or not. He admits that the race presented risks.

"It's a thrilling race and it was obviously dangerous," Russell said. "And there's a lot of dangerous races in this world. And that was one of ‘em. Carlin just proved that once again, how dangerous that race was."

Russell did not say, however, that he wants the race to be canceled.

"If it's a deathtrap then maybe it's a good idea that it be canceled, but that would be a big disappointment to all the people who take part in that race," he said. "And it's an exciting race."

Russell was also unsure if that would be the result Dunne would have wanted.

"I hope it's not canceled," he said. "I don't think Carlin would be happy that it would be canceled as a result of his death."

In an official statement, The Hill Climb organization says: "The PPIHC is still mourning the tragic loss of Carlin Dunne. In due time, the organization will review all of the divisions in the car and motorcycle program, as well as all aspects of the event, to determine what changes will be made in 2020."

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