More than 500 students protest at Cal Poly

Some call for University President to resign

Hundreds join campus protest at Cal Poly

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - More than 500 students at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo marched in protest Friday against what they call a lack of action by the university to combat racism.

Some students carried signs demanding the resignation of Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong.

The protest comes after Cal Poly's Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity chapter came under fire after a photo of a fraternity member in 'blackface' began circulating on social media.

"Once I saw the blackface I was mortified," said protestor Monique Chenault Hakker, the parent of a Cal Poly student.  "I felt like we had evolved a lot more than this, this is a nice quiet town and it's got a great diversity but in the last four years we have gone downhill," she said.

The protest was loud, but peaceful.  

"I'm pretty proud of how many people turned out to be here, to show their support for people of color, especially black people because this is for them and this is to show that black lives matter," said Cal Poly student Erick Balde.

Some students have demanded the university expel and ban members of the Lamda Chi Fraternity on campus. But the administration said expulsion is unlikely citing that their actions are protected under free speech.

Cal Poly and the Lambda Chi Alpha National Headquarters have temporarily suspended the fraternity's chapter and the fraternity's officers have since resigned.

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