Animal rescue groups back bill that would ban anticoagulant rodenticides in California

Rat poison

GOLETA, Calif. - A bill that would ban some pesticides in wildlife areas across California goes up for a vote on Monday.

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network said AB 1788 would end, "needless suffering."

Director of Animal Care Elaine Ibarra said the facility often receives animals with various symptoms of rodenticide toxicity, including a baby bobcat found in Hope Ranch.

The bobcat died shortly after it arrived for treatment.

"When we get them they present with various levels of dehydration, sometimes extreme dehydration," Ibarra said. "We look for blood coming for various orifices."

Predator animals like hawks, owls, foxes, and bobcats are most affected by rat poison that makes its way into the food chain.

AB 1788 is a state bill that would ban the "second generation" category of anticoagulant rodenticides in California. It would also prohibit the use of any rodenticide within California State Parks.

Ibarra said there are other natural solutions to deal with so-called "nuisance" animals, which don't hurt other animals or the environment.

To learn more about the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, click here.

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