Boy Scouts host Scout-O-Rama celebrating 100th anniversary

Boy Scouts host ScoutORama celebrating 100th anniversary

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Boy Scouts held their annual event Scout-O-Rama at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.
The event celebrates Boy Scouts with a number of obstacles and character building experiences.

The Scouts gathered with their friends and family to celebrate the Los Padres Council's 100th Anniversary.  
“We are very happy to be doing this today. We give our youth exposure to scouting as a group and show everyone that we are a community,” said Council Program Director Glen Goddard.

The Los Padres Council oversees the Boy Scout chapters in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. The event had a number of obstacles and character building experiences.

“They are leading boys into the activities teaching them how to follow direction, health and safety, and our biggest thing is the social skills that come along with it,” said Goddard. 

The day was not just for boys but also the Scouts new addition since February; girls!

“There are so many activities in Boy Scouts that is the only place you can learn it so girls should have that chance too. We can learn from it too,” said Boy Scouts member Daisy Soto.

The activities include monkey bridges,  knot tying, target shooting and much more.

“You achieve it yourself, your parents are apart of it but you have to do it on your own,” said Boy Scouts member Jozlyn Wimberley.

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