7.1 Earthquake near Ridgecrest felt on the Central Coast

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - The USGS initially reported a 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest, but then downgraded it to a 6.9 magnitude.  It has again been upgraded to a 7.1 magnitude since then.

The earthquake's epicenter was in Searles Valley and was reported at around 8:19 p.m.

The strong shaking started just one day after a magnitude 6.4 hit the same general area.

Friday's quake was the largest Southern California quake in at least 20 years and was followed by a series of large and small aftershocks.

The Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Management said Santa Barbara initiated earthquake protocol and all stations report no damage. 



Cal Fire SLO tweeted there were no immediate reports of damage withing CAL FIRE/County fire jurisdiction due to the earthquake. 



The Ventura County Fire Department also said it is performing earthquake readiness checks. In a tweet they said a few docks in the Channel Islands Harbor became dislodged a power outage in Fillmore were the only reported damages. 




Ridgecrest, which was already trying to recover from the previous temblor, was the most affected. Kern County fire officials reported "multiple injuries and multiple fires".

Gov. Gavin Newsom activated the state Office of Emergency Services operations center.

"The magnitude 6.4 was a foreshock. This was a M7.1 on the same fault as has been producing the Searles Valley sequence. This is part of the same sequence," seismologist Lucy Jones said. 



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