Tech development company looking to bring Silicon Valley to Ventura

Ventura Xponential Works

VENTURA, Calif. - A Ventura-based company is bringing the future of digital manufacturing to life in Ventura County. XponentialWorks opened just two years ago and already is expanding in more ways than one.

The future just got brighter for local entrepreneurs. XponentialWorks is hoping to turn Ventura into a new hub for high technology.

“XponentialWorks is an unique collider that puts together early stage companies that we can invest in primarily in generative design and manufacturing, artificial intelligence and robotics,” said Avi Reichental, the Founder of XpontenialWoks.

The company creates everything from robots, to drones, and even a 3D printer that made a self-driving mini cooper vehicle.

“This work was done right here in Ventura, all the modification, the design, the building, into what became now a globally recognized show car,” said Reichental.

Xpontential's founder sees this as the way of the future.

“We created this concept of a collider and we invest and incubate the young companies and we attract much larger companies to come hangout with us and learn how to work like startup,” said Reichental. “They need to learn how to digitally transform themselves so that they can be relevant.”

The company started up two years ago and it’s already bringing a lot of expertise into the future of manufacturing for Ventura County.

“I would not go to Silicon Valley today just because it is too competitive, and too expensive,” said Reichental. “I wouldn’t even go South of Santa Monica because the same thing is happening there. There is incredible talent here.”

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