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Special random acts of kindness all month in Carpinteria

HELP cars involved in deliveries

Carpinteria  kindness delivery part of a special fundraiser in August. (John Palminteri /KEYT.com)

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - It's a month of surprises in Carpinteria. Random acts of kindness are taking place throughout the city as part of a fundraiser.

Gib Johnson  opened his front door to a bouquet of flowers.   "Wow! This is not who I expected to see today!" 

Special gifts ordered by one person are sent to another as part of a donation drive for "HELP of Carpinteria." 

The service drives residents to important appointments such as a doctors visit or the bank, and on the schedule this month are these deliveries too.

"It is such an honor to be able to drive for HELP of Carpinteria because people enjoy it and are so happy to have this for them," said Catherine Decker.

Twice a week,  they have their list and their gifts and head out starting at 10 a.m.

The donations range from $20 to $65 and along with bouquets of flowers, which seem to be the most popular, you can also order a box of candy from Robataille's downtown,  two beers from Island Brewing near the beach  or  tickets and popcorn at the landmark Alcazar Theatre.

Zoe Iverson was called home by her husband when her gift arrived. "Did you have any sense this was coming? No - no a total surprise and it is really fun I just read about it in the Coastal View," she said. 

Along with the gift is a form to surprise someone else.

"Now here is the form to keep it going pass it forward," said Decker.

Smith was familiar with the delivery.  "We've supported the program for years. My wife Barbara. The crew checks and double checks to find the person the gift is for and jokes about any leftovers they might have. "We'll eat the candy!  Bye everybody," said Decker laughing as she drove away.

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