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Montecito man finds 100-year-old diamond ring, returns to owner after exhaustive search

Man returns 100yearold diamond ring to owner

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Montecito resident Adam McKaig is always finding "something" because he's always paying attention to his surroundings.

"It's a full time job finding things but I enjoy it," McKaig said.

On Sunday, while leaving the Albertsons grocery store in Carpinteria, a sparkling object on the ground caught his eye. When he picked it up, he realized it was a diamond ring.

"Sure enough it was not only real, it was really beautiful and I felt immediately sad because someone is going to miss this," he said gesturing to his ring finger.

McKaig went inside Albertsons and gave the manager his business card instructing them to contact him if the owner returned looking for the ring.

He also posted about the ring on Craigslist asking for the owner to contact him and identify the ring. McKaig got plenty of responses and quite a few imposters. 

"I had three people inquire about the ring trying to describe it. They gave a vague description of the ring and unfortunately they were not the owners," McKaig said.

A few days passed, and he got a call from Carla Dobbs of Carpinteria who described the ring in perfect detail.

"I told him more than he probably wanted to know. He said, 'Yes, that's absolutely the ring and nobody else could describe it,'" Dobbs said.

Dobbs had been despondent over her ring which she believes slipped off of her finger as she was walking out of Albertsons.

Her late mother had passed down the 100-year-old heirloom to her and she was planning to pass it down to one of her granddaughters.

Dobbs said she is grateful for honest people like McKaig.

"It really is a testament that there are still wonderful people out there in this community," she said.

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