Oxnard musician Cola Boyy set to perform free concert at PACC

Musician with disabilities just played Coachella

Cola Boyy putting on free concert at PACC

OXNARD, Calif. - A Ventura County musician is doing what he can to help save the Oxnard Performing Arts Center.

Cola Boyy is a performing artist with disabilites from Oxnard who doesn’t want to see the PACC close it’s doors.

“I love Oxnard you know,” said Cola Boyy, whose real name is Matthew Urango. “It is part of what made me who I am.”

Urango will perform in front of his hometown on August 30.

“I haven’t played in Oxnard for about a year and a half,” said Urango. “A lot of people are talking about it, so it should be a good turnout.”

Urango decided to put on a free concert at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center to help keep its doors open. This after the city proposed clsing several facilities to tackle a $9.4 million deficit.

“They are defunding the Performing Arts Center, the Colonia Library, and the Colonia Boxing gym,” said Urango. “We do not want to see those outlets and those resources taken away. It was important to me to be a part of trying to help keep it open.”

The 28-year-old disabled musician says music has been a part of his life since he was young. He played in a punk band when he was 17 and was signed to a record label just two years ago. Urango says his music is a mix of funk, pop, and punk.

“I really try to combine genres in a tasteful way, but I also like to break the rules in music and try to do things sometimes unconventional,” said Urango.

Urango also says his music is sometimes a reflection of his life.

“I have scoliosis, kyphosis, and spina bifida. I have those three things that I was born with,” said Urango. “So it is a big part of my life because for the obvious health reasons, but also socially.”

Urango says this got in the way of getting a job, so he focused on his music. And it’s paying off.

Cola Boyy performed this past April at Coachella and is working on a new album.

“People are kind of surprised, but also creating this understanding of what it is to be a disabled person,” said Urango.

Donations for the concert will be accepted at the door to help keep the PACC open.

For more information visit the Oxnard Performing Arts & Convention Center website.

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