Housing, traffic and public safety take center stage at Goleta State of the City

Housing traffic and public safety...

GOLETA, Calif. - The Goleta Valley Community Center was packed Thursday night for the third annual State of the City event. 

City officials had a chance to answer questions from the community and address hot button issues.

Big takeaways, folks are concerned about housing, traffic and public safety and cannabis.

The Mayor jokingly said she's surprised that scooters didn't come up. 

Goleta's Mayor, Paula Perotte, says the city is doing well and the community is strong, powerful and prosperous.

Perotte says it takes everyone working together to be that way and she hopes to build on the collaborative partnerships between non-profits, service, the community and businesses in the future.

“It's strong, it's doing well. We have some challenges with climate change and we talked about the demographics changing and also with the internet and the economy, you know things are changing,” said Perotte, Mayor, City of Goleta.

“My impression of the Goleta city government is that there is an openness to getting input and that's why it's important to show up at an event like this and find out what's going on,” said Ravid Raphael, a Goleta community member. 

Community members in attendance say they appreciate the city's transparency and efforts to maintain a high quality of life. 

Other areas of concern were questions surrounding the city's water district and the zoning ordinance.

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